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Our philosophy: simple & complete (sqft X 11 ct)

2,000 sft home  = $220.00 + option pack (max $75)...$295.00


External, Internal, Local

  • Unlimited 

  • Views labeled

  • Patio, Pool, Yard

  • Community entrance, features

  • Digital dusk views


  • External drone HD Pix & 4K video


  • Interactive home tour 

  • Guided home tour

  • Virtual Reality hometour

  • internal highlight/ feature tags 

  • Layout & & Dolls house views


  • Interactive home tour 

  • Detailed measured floorplan

ZILLOW "Walkthrough" VIDEO

  • "Produced" video with titles, music, comments.


  • 3x sm video shorts 1 x FACEBOOK customized video short


  • Pix based mini-site 

  • Virtual tour, video tour 

  • Layout & Dollshouse views

  • Home features

  • Community features

  • Area feature


o   Additional Pix as required

o   Additional processing  as required

o   Internal measurement as required


(HOMES  to 3,000 Sqft)​


(HOMES 3,000 + Sq. Ft.)​


(HOMES to 1,400 Sq. Ft.

$0.11 p.s.f

+$25.00 Host Fee

$0.12 p.s.f

+ $40.00 Host fee


+ $15.00 Host fee

  Included                         Included                        Included


  Option $25                       Option $30                     Option $25                                    


  Included                          Included                        Included



  Included                           Included                        Included


  Option $25                        Option $40                      Option $25 


    Included                           Included                        Included



   Included                           Included                        Included                                 


   Included                            Included                        Included


Evening / morning shoots (at time of scan) NIL, Travel out of service area $0.50 per mile excess, 

Pix update / reshoot (revisit) $100, Full remap $0.05/ p.s.f.



All rights passed to Commissioning agent on full / cleared payment. 

Rights limited strictly to use for specific home. Prior written permission is required for any additional usage retains all rights to use any or all of the images for any internal marketing & promotion use.

Service description, guarantee & US.


  • Clear written estimates, Simple pricing.

  • Priced by the job not by the appointment 

Shoot Process

  • On-site walk-through with agent and home owner.

  • Onsite shoot guidelines:

    • Minimum disruption, staging help as required views & rooms as directed

    • Pre advised time schedule.

Production output​​

  • HD& HDR pix (Internal, External, Dusk, Community & Local)

  • All pix produced & modified as required

  • Matterport Interactive and Virtual Reality tours

  • Floor layouts and Dolls-house views

  • ZILLOW 3D home tour with measured floor plan

  • ZILLOW walkthrough video - with titles & music

  • Dedicated website

Production guidelines

  • First cut externals - by 9.00am shoot + 1 day

  • Complete package - by 9.00am shoot +2 days

  • Review feedback from agent / home owner ASAP.

  • Package review following feedback 9.00am day following feedback - by 5.00pm shoot + 2 days 

  • Refresh - completed within 24 hours of request - subject to hourly charge if post production time expired

Other items


    • Matterport and Nikon products for photography and processing.

    • Nikon and other post production software within the production process

    • Video and stills are provided for download via limited access Google Drive.

    • Ownership of all images passes to Agent on cleared payment

    • Ownership of the hosted AR / VR packages is retained by Matterport and and deleted at their discretion on completion of the hosting period.

    • Fully Insured and bonded via The Hartford Small Business Insurance Company. P 

    • Fully licensed for drone operations by FAA 

Service description & guarantee

Service area

  • We have been doing this for a long time

  • We live locally in Green Cove springs

  • We believe our service is exceptional - Quality, Reliability, Completeness, Value for money

  • We provide a service guarantee as a starting point :

       ... we always listen, to our clients, agents and home owners.

  • We look to provide a complete service:

    • We use Nikon cameras

    • We fly drones

    • We shoot and edit video

    • We scan and build 3D building plans

  • We always provide:

    • Written estimates

    • Confirmed appointments & on-site timing

    • Outlines for review

    • Changes where requested 

    • Re-shoots if required

  • We work fast, neat and always with the time schedule in mind. 

  • We review every shot for crop & color balancing before release

  • First cut of externals are available to by 9.00 am the day after the shoot - we are happy for the agent to provide access to the Home Owner.

  • First cut Internals are available by 9.00 am on day 2 after the shoot

  • First cut tours, layouts, internals, videos & website are available by 9.00 am on the second after the shoot.

  • We are available to crop, pop, provide additional or alternative views, highlights or pix.

60 miles from Jacksonville, but happy to go further subject to mileage charge 

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