Service Guarantee



  • Clear written estimates, provided prior to any work being scheduled.

  • Pricing directly from our service package.

    • No hidden extras 

    • No additional charges without written agreement.

  • Shoot confirmed on acceptance of estimate. Appointment as required by agent or home owner.  ​

Shoot Process

  • On-site walk through with agent and home owner for property instructions and feature identification.

  • Onsite shoot guidelines:

    • Minimum disruption

    • Minimum staging as necessary

    • Direction by Agent and /or home owner

    • Time schedule 


Production guidelines:

  • Ready for live within 36 hours

    • First cut externals - by 9.00am shoot + 1 day

    • Complete package - by 9.00am shoot +2 days

    • Review feedback from agent / home owner ASAP.

    • Package review following feedback 9.00am day following feedback - by 5.00pm shoot + 2 days 

    • Refresh - completed within 24 hours of request - subject to hourly charge if post production time already used.

Other items


    • Uses Matterport and Nikon products for photography and processing.

    • Uses Nikon and other post production software within the production process

    • Video and stills are provided via limited access Google Drive files

    • Ownership of all images are passed to the Agent on cleared payment

    • Ownership of the hosted AR / VR packages is retained by Matterport and and deleted at their discretion on completion of the hosting period.

    • Is fully Insured and bonded via The Hartford Small Business Insurance Company. Policy is viewable on request  


What is a ZILLOW Certified Photographer?

Visit our Zillow Certified Photographer Guidelines for details”