About us ...

Husband & wife team John and Mary Docherty, First Coast residents with expertise in marketing, presentation and most of all service.

Quality, reliability, courtesy and of course Value For Money - all the things that lead to great service and performance

A service guarantee is our starting point :

... but even with a service guarantee we know we work hard at listening, to Agents and to Home Owners.


We always provide:

Written estimates

Confirmed appointments

Outlines for review

Changes where requested 

Re-shoots for satistfaction

Pre-start we get to know what is important to you as the Agent and your customer as the Home Owner - How? we just ask!

We work fast, neat and with a time schedule in mind, we know you don't want your time taken with standing around looking at Plaidpix.

First cut of externals are available to the Agent by 9.00 am the day after the shoot - we are happy for the agent to provide access to the Home Owner.

First cut Internals are available by 9.00 am on day 2 after the shoot

First cut Tours, Layouts, Internals, Videos & Web site are available by 9.00 am on the second after the shoot.

We are available to crop, pop, provide additional or alternative views, highlights or pix.


Ohh, and why Plaid?...

  • Because JD is Scottish through and through and Mary has a long family history with the Scottish Clan, Grant.

  • And because in addition to the idea of the Scots link to plaid, the mapping system stitches together a variety of parts to make a complete picture, a bit like traditional Scottish Plaid.